Chasing The Sun

220px-Adioslepido1“Juanes” is one of many very talented Colombian singers that I like. Few days ago, I watched him perform his song: “A Dios le pido”, that was released over 10 years ago, in Spanish and in an American TV show.

Although I was happy and enjoyed listening to the music, I was very surprised that an English TV show was allowing an artist perform a song in a different language. What was more surprising to me was that Juanes would be performing (in Spanish) again in another american TV show (DWTS) at the end of this month.

I thought it was somehow sarcastic that in a country where English is the main language, and there has been a lot of controversy and discrimination against those that speak other languages, TV shows are promoting Spanish songs now. I think this is the proof that the times are changing and the blend of both cultures is finally happened.

Juanes is promoting his book: “Chasing the Sun”. This book is a memoir of Juanes’s life stories of him chasing his dream of becoming a musician. Actually today, he is signing his book in L.A.

In the video below (although in Spanish), Juanes reveals his life story. From dreaming of becoming a rock star (influenced by Metallica) to getting married, having kids, and coming as an immigrant to the USA.

Sometimes, dreams feel so difficult to accomplish. Sometimes, dreams seem impossible to become a reality. Have you ever feel, like Juanes, that you have been chasing the sun? Are you willing to open up and share your story?

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Juanes – A Dios le pido song

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