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La Santa Cecilia dedicates Grammy to 11 million undocumented

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The alternative rock group “La Santa Cecilia” took home a Grammy for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album” for their album “Treinta Días” – and promptly dedicated their win to the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.

For the group, their songs about the lives of U.S. immigrants – in particular those without legal papers – hit close to home. Band member José “Pepe” Carlos is not a legal resident; he came from Mexico with his parents as a young child without documentation.

Lead singer Marisol Hernandez has said that the song “El Hielo,” referring to I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), which describes the lives of people living with the fear of being deported, was based partly on her own mother’s experience.

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 “La Santa Cecilia,” which blends rock, reggae and more Latino beats like…

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Latino groups announce national voter registration campaign

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Two million Latinos in Texas alone are eligible to vote but are not registered, which is why the state is one of seven that two major Latino groups are targeting in a voter registration campaign launched six months earlier than usual.

The National Council of La Raza and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund leaders said Thursday they plan to send voter registration cards to 2.5 million potential Latino voters and follow up to make sure the cards were mailed.Their goal: at least 250,000 registrations for 2014, the groups’ leaders said.

 “We know the more our community participates, the more our voices are going to be heard,” said Ben Monterroso, Mi Familia Vota executive director.

Other states targeted in the $5 million campaign are Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma and Utah.

In 2012, 14.7 million Latinos were registered to vote, but only 12.2 million showed up at the polls, NCLR…

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“Political Football” – GOP grapples with immigration reform

NBC Latino

Republicans will mull proposals to overhaul the nation’s immigration system Thursday, casting a new spotlight on possible reforms that have been stalled in Congress since last year.

House Speaker John Boehner told reporters Thursday morning that the issue of immigration has “been turned into a political football.”

 “I think it’s time to deal with it, but how we deal with it is going to be critically important,” he said.

Thursday is a key day for the reform debate, as GOP House members huddle at a retreat in Maryland to discuss their strategies on immigration and the debt ceiling.

Leaders are expected to discuss broad “principles” for immigration reform with Republican members later Thursday afternoon.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said on MSNBC Wednesday that those principles will include allowing undocumented immigrants to receive “probationary status” and the ability to work while border security criteria are being implemented.

“If those things are…

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3 Reasons to Dream BIGGER!

Keep Dreaming!

2 Systems For Achieving Your Goals

The mind is so powerful…Dream and fulfill your dreams!

Obama ‘impressed’ by Gang of Eight’s work

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President Barack Obama reacts to immigration reform legislation recently constructed by members of the U.S. Senate.

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The Mexican Dog Whisperer

cesarCesar Millan, aka: “The Dog Whisperer” is another immigrant that came to the USA following his dreams. Born in Culiacán, Sinaloa in México, “The Dog Whisperer” crossed the USA border when he was 21 years old. He didn’t know anyone in the USA or even knew how to speak English, but there was no obstacle for him to pursue his dreams.

He grew up in a farm surrounded by wild dogs, and that is how he became intrigued by their behavior and eventually training dogs became his passion. How did he end up in a TV show?

First, he knew that training dogs was what he wanted to do.

Second, he started from the bottom. As an “illegal immigrant”, he started working in a dog grooming store with the most aggressive dogs (yes, “illegal immigrants” get highly paid and competitive jobs!)

Third, he saw the opportunity and took advantage of it. While working as a limousine driver, he came across Jada Pinkett Smith who became one of Millan’s first clients and supporters (she also helped him learn English)

Fourth, he opened the “Dog Psychology Center” in South Los Angeles where he worked with large breed dogs.

Fifth, he became a permanent resident in 2000 and US citizen in 2009.

Sixth, he continued with his passion which ultimately opened the doors to his TV show.

Seventh, despite all the ups and downs of having a “celebrity” status, criticisms, professional/business issues and personal matters; he hasn’t given up doing what he loves which is rehabilitating dogs.

If you have a dream, you have to follow it, and accomplish it. Now, on the other hand, do you still think that “illegal immigrants” take jobs away from “Americans”? Do you still think that “illegal immigrants” do more damage than good to the American society? Cesar Millan, is just another immigrant showing that dreams do come true in the USA.

Photo credit: Cesar Millan wordpress

Open Sundays, 24-7 city of Reno

UntitledWalking along the streets of my city (Reno), specifically Wells Avenue, I noticed a sign that caught my eye. I couldn’t help but to stop and take a picture (left).

The sign reads: “Open Sundays” and underneath it, its Spanish translation: “Abierto los Domingos”.

At first sight, I thought the two different languages displayed in one sign is the reflection of the diverse business environment that Reno offers, particularly along Wells Avenue. That was the obvious part. However, after I got home and begun to write this post; I noticed something else.

“Open Sundays” reminded me of the big change I noticed when I first move to Reno. Growing up in a Catholic country; the majority of people do not work on Sundays. In fact, most of the business are closed on Sundays and holidays (religious and non religious, of course). That was the biggest little change I experience in the biggest little city. Reno is a 24-7 town. Reno doesn’t stop.

Being used to a different pace of life, when I came to Reno, I expected it to be the same. The only change I anticipated was the different language and the weather; however, I was mistaken. I disregarded the change of culture.

There have been several blogs and a lot of heat regarding Reno’s Culture and Reno’s Brand. Some people seem to believe that Reno doesn’t have a culture, but let me  tell you this, they are as wrong as I was.

Many people say that you don’t miss something unless you don’t have it anymore. People that live in Reno won’t miss Reno until they leave town and start living somewhere else, in a different culture, with different people.

Reno is a 24-7 city. Reno is full of diversity and open to diversity. In Reno you find signs in two or more languages. In Reno, you find delicious food and diverse restaurants. Reno is changing, Reno is being reborn . Reno wasn’t the same as it is right now (I am talking about 10 years ago). I have seen the growth and development of Reno. Do people notice it? I don’t know, all I know is that the majority of us do not like change, and when we see things change, we run and despair. I have seen that happened also.

Reno is changing, its people and its residents are changing as well. I am part of the change. I came form a different culture and a different country. I contributed (without noticing it and along with other immigrants and non-immigrants that landed to Reno in the last 10-15 years) to this new emerging culture in Reno.

Casinos are the perfect example of the 24-7 business model in Reno. It is a convenience because sometimes I get hungry in the middle of the night, and I can stop by a casino and get something to eat in one of its restaurants. When I go back to Perú, if I get hungry in the middle of the night, I am out of luck because there is nothing open at that time. At the beginning, when I first move to Reno; it bothered me that casinos and other businesses were open 24-7 and Sundays. Now, I am so used to it  that I miss it when I leave town.

Do you live in Reno? Have you ever been in Reno? If you have, then you know what I am talking about.

Perú in Nebraska, USA??

VIDEO: Perúvians visit Peru, NB

CapturePerú is a beautiful country located in South America and it is where I was born.

Peru is a city in Nemaha County in Nebraska, United States.

Wait a minute…Peru is a city, and Perú is a country? The only difference is in the accent mark? Are both of their residents called Peruvians?

Perú, the country, just like city of Reno and many other cities and countries,  decided to define its brand. In this process, the peruvian marketing team found a city that shares the name of the country, and they went to visit Peru, NE. The video above kicked off the campain for the Perúvian Brand that reveals the identity of the country, identify its people, its music and its food. Most importantly, these branding of  Perú was originated to attract toursim to the country.

Moreover, the Marca Perú is all over the globe; come on, they even went to Peru, Nebraska where there are less than 1000 people that live there!

I loved the video, it is funny, but tells so much about the peruvian culture. People from Perú are the giving type, we share our food, drinks, music and dances. World famous Chef Gaston Acurio participated in the making of the video, and of course, in the making of some meals that were offered to the residents of Peru, NB.

Have you ever been to Perú? If not, watch the video below and rethink your choice. Perhaps, next vacation you should visit Perú.

VIDEO: Visit Perú Promo

Photo credit: Google.com

For these and other videos: Marca Perú Youtube Channel

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