2013 Boston Marathon Explosion and Immigration


Many questions remain unanswered in the latest disaster that our country had to suffer. Innocent lives were lost, many people were injured, and the whole world watched the events occurred last week in Boston, MA.

Social media played a very important role in sharing the latest news, pictures and capturing the alleged people who were responsible for this horrific act.

I first heard of the Boston Marathon explosions via Twitter; five minutes later, all the TV stations were interrupting their normal programming to inform the viewers of the happenings. I was horrified, sad and paralyzed. I couldn’t believe what the TV stations were showing.

The feelings I had were similar to when I woke up to the news that morning of 9-11 and I couldn’t help to remember the car bomb explosions that happened in Peru many years ago.

However, what made me more upset, were the news after the explosion. The two brothers responsible for this abomination. Two immigrant brothers! I couldn’t believe it. Two very young minds wasted and perhaps lost future. How could these two young men were able to do something so horrible? I don’t know. I don’t understand.

The USA opened its doors to these two young men and their family. The immigrated to this beautiful country, just like many of us, following that DREAM. The dream of freedom and a better future. What a waste! How devastating for their parents! How much pain and destruction these two young men have left as a result of their actions!

How would this disaster affect immigration? Why do people want to come to this country? In previous posts, I have always advocated that immigrants come to the USA in search of the DREAM. What happened? What happens when the DREAM becomes a nightmare?

Moreover, how is this going to affect the immigration reform? Will it truncate the DREAMS of the many illegal immigrants that are in hope of a decision from our politicians? I hope that politicians take a closer look at the whole picture, and legalize the status of the many illegal immigrants that live in the USA. It is actually sarcastic that legal immigrants are the ones responsible for many of the massacres occurred in our country.

I think it is unacceptable that legal immigrants destroy this beautiful country. It is so contradictory, it doesn’t make sense to me.

I am not taking sides, but the majority of illegal immigrants are Hispanics, and we do not want to destroy this country or hurt its citizens. We just want to work and contribute to our society. We are just trying to make our DREAMS a reality.

Photo credit: idigitaltimes.com

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