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On a plane ride, people always have the opportunity to meet other people and engage in conversations. Usually, I am more focus to get to my destination or I am too tired and I simply take my seat and sleep all the way from departure to arrival.

On Friday November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) I was on a plane ride back home to Reno from Las Vegas, I was a little tired, but I was feeling somehow energetic and in a chatty mood. I took my seat and waited patiently for the person that would sit next to me. To my surprise, that person was the Nevada Attorney General, Madam Catherine Cortez-Masto.

My first thought was: “how could a simple person like me would have something to talk about with such an accomplished woman like her?”. Despite my internal doubts and insecurities, and within seconds of her getting situated and comfortable in her sit, I said: “Hello! My name is Maria. I am glad you sat next to me. You are one of the women leaders I look up to.”

She was very polite and thankful for my words. After that little ice-breaker, we had a very interesting conversation. We both discovered that we had few things in common such as being Hispanic, UNR Alumni and even took classes with the same professor, the late Dr. Bill Eadington.

Moreover; we share the same values to protect children, women and  against violence and abuse. We are both very driven, strong and determined. We talked the whole plane ride, it was great. She made me feel important, and we even discussed some gaming industry issues that she might had to deal in the upcoming months.

I got to meet the Hispanic woman behind the role of the Attorney General. It was one of the most memorable plane rides I had ever experienced so far.

Regardless of political party preference, or any controversy she may have faced, she is one of the few Hispanic Women Leaders in the State of Nevada. I am proud of her, and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to have a conversation with her. I get to see her every month or so at the NDOT Board of Directors Meeting. She still remembers me and says hi to me.

The moral of the story…is to take opportunities and make choices. I chose to talk to her, and I discover that not only she is a leader, but she is a Hispanic woman living her dream and fulfilling her ancestor’s dreams. Who have you met recently that made a big impact in your life?

Photo credit: Total Mortgage Services Website

About MariaManess

A passionate and creative engineer woman with a business mind, working hard to accomplish life-long goals.

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