“Life is a Dream”

dreamI still remember when I started reading the book “Life is a Dream” written by the Spanish author Pedro Calderon de la Barca. I was only 15 years old, and like a typical teenager, I thought life was a dream. Three years later I had to wake up from that dream into reality and I decided to take life by the horns. At 18 years old, I made the decision to come to the United States looking for the “American Dream”.

My journey started as my eighteenth year birthday present from fate and destiny, since somehow, all along, I always knew that my life was going to change as soon as I become an adult. As a self-fulfilling prophecy and against all odds, I came to the USA and Reno, Nevada became my new hometown.

I didn’t choose Reno, Reno chose me. I had never even heard of Reno, until few months before confirming that I was going to be able to come to the US. My mom had a childhood friend that lived in Reno, and she convinced her that it was better for me to come live with her instead of going either to Miami, Florida or with my cousins in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Until that moment, I had no total control of my life. My parents made decisions and I followed. I was glad that my parents gave me permission to come to the US, with the promise to come back in 6 months. That promise has extended to years now, as I will eventually go back to Peru, only after I finish what I have set to do in the US.

In Peru, I was in college pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. I wasn’t going to stop following that dream, so I got admitted to the University of Nevada, Reno to continue my education. In 2007, I accomplished that dream; however, little I knew then that other dream was about to start.

In 2009, my passion for Traffic Engineering pushed me to continue to Graduate School, and last year 2012, I graduated with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. Once again, I had already started another dream. I am now pursuing a Master in Business Administration which I hope to accomplish by the end of this year (Fall 2013).

The clock is ticking and I have not set another dream for me yet; although, I have a passion for learning different languages and cultures. Perhaps, the next chapters of my life will include traveling the world and/or taking classes to learn other languages. I don’t know, but the sky is the limit, right? Who would have thought that a girl from Chiclayo, Peru that had never even heard of Reno, Nevada would have become the 14-year-old Nevadan that made some of her dreams a reality.  What dreams have you accomplished? What of your dreams are now your reality?

About MariaManess

A passionate and creative engineer woman with a business mind, working hard to accomplish life-long goals.

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  1. Andrea Tibaduiza

    Thanks for sharing your story! It always makes me happy to see Hispanics succeed and make a difference in the U.S. 🙂

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