What would you do…for a Dream?

SmuggledMany people do the unthinkable, the unexpected. Many people even die in the odyssey to conquer their dreams.

We have heard stories of what many immigrants do in order to accomplish the “American Dream”.

Several of these stories are heartbreaking and they make you wonder why do some people are so desperate to cross the border and remind here illegally. Are these stories real? Yes they are.

Immigrants, specially the ones that come from south of the border, do the unimaginable to come to the USA. That is what Ramon Hamilton, a Dominican-American actor and director, documented in his 2012 film “Smuggled”

In my opinion, “extreme circumstances call for extreme measures”. I can only imagine what the situation is for those people on the other side of the border in order for them to risk their lives to come to the USA.

My situation was different, and probably I would not be willing to do and suffer what many immigrants do just to cross the border and change their lives looking for the “American Dream”. However, I feel extremely proud and honored to belong to this group of people who are willing to do anything for a better life, I am a Hispanic immigrant in the USA. I feel that we, the immigrants, have the duty to make things happen  in memory of those that lost the battle while fighting for their dreams. We are their legacy, we are their aspiration.

My dream is that one day, instead of immigrants being seen as a plague or a bad disease that happened to this country, we will be seen as the main contributors to this country’s development and success. I believe that we are on our way to make that a reality.

Some people are willing to do whatever it takes in order to accomplish their dreams. What would you be willing to do for a dream?

Photo credit: NBC Latino

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