The Road Ahead

Have you ever heard of TEDx? Well, few weeks ago, in Reno, NV, the TEDxUniversity of Nevada  @TEDxUofNevada had its first event. Although I wasn’t able to attend (as I would’ve liked to), I was able to “virtually” attend as the event was recorded and broadcasted live online.

One of the speakers, that made my heart proud was Deyanira Baca. She is a Senior High School student succeeding in an environment that may not seem very favorable to support her success.She attends a High School with below State average graduation rate (which in Nevada is pretty low already); moreover, she has other issues at home and she missed a lot of classes.

After her High School principal highlighted other adversities that Deyanira’s High School faces and how they are getting better; the
The speeches focus on education in Washoe County and how teachers and leaders are helping students by believing in them and providing hope. My focus is in the family background of Deyanira and the Washoe schools Superintendent: Pedro Martinez. They are both Hispanics.

Deyanira is starting her journey, but she has been battling against adversity since she first move to the States. Mr. Martinez is already at a point in his life where he wants to lead Nevada’s Education System to the path of success, with programs that give hope to those students that may have lost it.

Some people believe in destiny, some others believe in luck; like in my previous post “From Prison to Reason”. I belive that each one of us has the power to choose our own road…”the road ahead”….We may not be able to change our past, but we are able to build a better future for us.

In the case of Deyanira, I believe she has the strenght to change what could have been her destiny, as a young woman born in an immigrant family in Nevada battling and struggling for money. However; she made her choice, and she chose education. She is not alone in that battle. Many others have joined her goal to achieve a better education. Her school principal and Washoe schools Superintendent Pedro Martinez. I believe that “the road ahead” for education is a though road, but the rewards are worth the fight.

What do you think “the road ahead” for Nevada’s education system will look like? Do you think that Mr. Martinez vision will become a reality? An what about Deyanira’s? Do you think it is important that teachers inspire hope to those students that are not at the same level as the rest?

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  1. These were great talks and I’m glad you had the opportunity to watch them! I think Deyanira will go far, as she’s come so far already. But it’s up to her to continually choose her own path as you mentioned. Luckily, with role models such as Pedro Martinez, who followed a difficult path as well, I think she has been shown that it’s possible and will continue to want better for herself.

    • Thanks!
      I agree. I believe dreams are real…however, this weekend, while chatting with someone I respect, he told me otherwise….I’m somehow disappointed, but inspired to write more about dreams and inspiring stories…

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