From Prison To Reason

Have you seen this man?

Pride and Glory

Jason Rodriguez

His name is Jason Rodriguez and he is an actor. Without formal acting experience, Director Gavin O’Conner cast him for a principal role in “Pride and Glory,” along with Colin Farrel. Edward Norton, John Voight and John Ortiz.

Pride and Glory

pride and glory movie

However, Jason’s story is not the typical glamorous story; he spent the majority of his life in jail. His story is featured in the article Jason Rodriguez: The Road to Holliwood…via prison and he is also sharing a documentary about his life on Ebru TV called “Soul Survivors.”. I believe he is a great example of strength and hope that people can turn their lives around. He is very impressive; I am sure it takes a lot of will power to change from bad to good.

I am glad and proud of him, not only for changing his life around, but for being another successful Hispanic man making progress in the USA. He is another succesful story that despite all the odds and difficulties he is making his way to achieve his goals and leave his mark in this world.

Stories like his make me wonder about the interaction of the environment and the person. I have always thought that the person is the ultimate responsible for his/her destiny, regardless the environment. It is true that it is easier for some people to succeed because the environment is appropriate and facilitates it. In Jason’s case, he had the environment against him, but he had an additional ingredient in his life, something that we all have and sometimes fail to recognize and take advantage of….LUCK.

Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in destiny? Do you think immigrants are lucky to be in the USA, or was it their destiny to be here?

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  1. I thankful for all of the supporters that view my life as an example for the masses. We must not forget of the great talent that dwells in our urban streets as we speak & give them our examples and time to reach their fullest potential.

  2. This is a great story to share.
    Like one of the most inspiring rappers said once
    “Only God can judge me”
    God the great all mighty forgave
    a man who once was a Big sinner (Paul the apostle)
    he’s the one we need to thank for all the good that and bad we come across. He doesn’t worry that we can’t handle the weight. Luck can’t be handed to us we need to knock on the door basically and show the interest we have. That’s what Jason Rodriguez, has done. I know the more you follow the right tracks and surround yourself with positive people the more you become a role model for all of us!! Keep your head up always!

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