Do you hear my accent when I write?

That is the catchy title of one of the many publications of the UNR Latino Research Center that I believe it captures, in one sentence, the essence of the voice of the Hispanic community in Nevada that aspire to be heard.

What does it mean to be Hispanic in the USA? What does it mean to be Hispanic in Reno?

From my perspective, we are a significant part of the working force in the Northern Nevada area. We are the entrepreneurial minds along Wells Avenue businesses. We are the many people waiting to be picked up for work along Galletti Way. We are the people that clean offices, the ones that washes the dishes and prepare meals in several restaurants.

Furthermore, we are the voice that gets louder and wants to be heard locally and among the other states of the USA. But what it is that we have to say?

In my opinion, the Hispanic community just want to be acknowledged and respected. We are not only as cute and funny as Sofia Vergara in Modern Family, we are also the politician voices that scream for an immigration reform called The Dream Act

Many Hispanics, regardless of their party association (Republicans or Democrats), are in favor of the proposed immigration reform. In fact, it cost the Republican Party the Hispanic vote in the last presidential election.

Do you agree with the new immigration reform? If you were in Washington DC, how would you address the immigration problems that our country faces and how would you make it a win-win situation for the immigrants and our country?

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A passionate and creative engineer woman with a business mind, working hard to accomplish life-long goals.

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