Viva Nevada!

From music to food, from Hollywood to the White House; it seems that the Hispanics are becoming popular. Although being Hispanic is still consider a minority, it is projected that by the year 2050, we will be the majority of the minorities.


But what makes Hispanics a hot item nowadays? Is it the flavor of the food we prepare? Or is it because we are very much family oriented and we always seem to be willing to help others?

I believe that it is true, we have delicious food and big families; however, we are also very much determined to succeed in this country. I am aware that not all of the Hispanic people have been able to make it to the top and instead, many have taken the wrong turn and become the poster child of low income, low life and crime in America.

Perhaps I won’t be able to completely eradicate crime or magically clean up all the bad reputation that other people took years to build. All I want is to celebrate the successes of some Hispanic leaders in Nevada.


The Governor, Attorney General, Washoe County School Superintendent, Director of the Nevada Department of Transportation, Community Activists, Casino Owners, Business Owners and plenty of others have Hispanic heritage. Many of them are second generation Hispanics and they were born in the USA, and the others, just like me, are immigrants gambling to pursue our dreams.

Join me in this project as I attempt to show the other side of the coin of immigration and how Hispanics add value to our community in Nevada.




About MariaManess

A passionate and creative engineer woman with a business mind, working hard to accomplish life-long goals.

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